Friday, February 27, 2015

Disciple Testimony: Disciple Burns

My DCMC Testimony (as of 2/27/2015)

I was working in the oil/natural gas industry, out on drilling rigs 20-25 days a month and away from my family. The money was awesome and I provided them with everything they wanted, spoiled them when I was home, & missed them when I was away. As my children grew older, my wife & I grew restless & stressed. Small issues became week long arguements over the phone. I began to pray that God would help me to solve my marital woes. He told me to leave the field. "What!? I can't leave the field! It is our only source of income. How will I pay the bills?" Was my reply. I had multiple payments, not to mention the mortgage on a house we had just bought not 9 months earlier. But God continue to press onto me to return to my family and be the father He designed men to be. Finally I told God that if this was truly ment to be, I would trust him but that He would have to remove my financial strain and provide for what my family needs. I walked into my office to turn in my two weeks notice, not knowing what would happen, fully expecting to loose everything and have to foreclose on our new house. They refused my offer and immediately put me to work within the office doing something I had never thought about doing. Best yet, they provided me a salary that would allow us to keep our house! Within two weeks we sold off our toys and vehicles that were costing us high monthly payments and outrages fuel costs. I went to riding my motorcycle (which I had been missing badly while working the field), & things were looking good. But there was still something missing. I didn't have anyone holding me accountable to God's word or challenging me on His authority in my life. I knew that if I didn't have those things I would fall back into a life of material sin. So I began to search online for Christian Motorcycle clubs & came across Disciple Christian MC. I read through the website, read through the blogs, "liked" & followed the Facebook page. With a couple clubs allready established in my state, I reached out to each of them along with DCMC. I began praying that God would direct my path. DCMC was the only club to respond. I took that as a sign for me to pursue them. I met up with Angel Alba and immediately knew that we were going to clash, but in a good spiritual way. Proverbs 27:17 was in the flesh, "As iron sharpens iron, so a friend sharpens a friend." We began to challenge each other in the word, pray about God's direction in each of our lives, & about DCMC's path within our own state. God brought us Tony Ray, a mentor in ministry outreach and a source of biblical wisdom. He [God] continued to bring pieces of this puzzle together from different aspects of life, men like Taylor DiscipleGonzo Strader (an ex-traveling musician & recovering alcoholic), Cody Wayne Kreizenbeck (a recovering alcoholic & loyal country boy), & Connor Swinson (ex drug dealer/user & motorcycle mechanic). Once these men began speaking into each others lives on a spiritual level, God opened doors that were sealed shut. We blasted across this state from corner to corner meeting with dominate clubs and ministry clubs, lending a servants heart wherever needed & burning up the highway whenever possible. Through the guidance of our Ma, Russell Johnson, & by the grace of the Lord we earned the approval to fly DCMC colors in Oklahoma & the "Red Dirt Crew" was officially chartered into the organization. Unfortunately Satan attacks wherever he can find a foothold. Each of us delt with attacks within the home & continue to do so. I won't go into detail on the others issues, that's their story to tell, but I will discuss my own. God brought me up out of the entangled Web of material & sexual sin. He has taken fleshly desires from my heart and replaced them with a feverent desire to learn more about the Holy presence of God. They say that each man's walk is his own & I believed it. Unfortunately my wife & I began to become separated by my constant spiritual agenda and therefore Satan was able to attack both of us through her. I realized that my walk is not just my own, but that I was to guide & help her with her own walk with Christ. I took a step back from DCMC, I focused my prayers toward her, her relationship with God, & our relationship together. I would like to say that God has mended this and we now live happily and without struggles or temptations. But that's not the case, Satan has his claws deep in this ordeal and it's going to take a Holy awakening to fully remove them. I know this is comming, I know God has this in His plan. There are lessons that each of us still must learn, perhaps I've already learnt them and she still hasnt, perhaps she has already learnt them and I still havent. I don't know the answer, but God does. He has given me a voice to speak into my wife, she now reads the bible (almost) daily & joins me in prayer when I ask. These are small steps to a large glorious victory that I know God will provide. This club has given me the courage to fight this battle, not with a fleshly earthly attitude, but with biblical resources & biblical advice from men who are sound in their faith and spiritually intelligent with their answers. I am held accountable, not only as a member of God's holy christian army, but as the spiritual leader in my own home. Riding fast, horseplay with Brothers & Bros, & random prospect challenges are all things the get done (allegedly) when this club gets together. They are what makes Disciple Christian MC fun! However it's the quiet times when we challenge each other in the word; when we lay hands on each other in prayer for struggles, standing in the gap on the spiritual battlefield and rebuking demons; when we speak spiritual life over each other; when we show up in physical & financial support for a fallen brethren; when we grieve with another over a loss; & when we stand up in glorious praise and unison and declare GOD IS GREAT! Combined these are the things that make DCMC special to me.

Disciple Burns
Central US Boss
P - Red Dirt Crew

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