Friday, February 27, 2015

Disciple Testimony: Bill Wyatt

My first encounter with Disciple and Disciple James Johnson was on June 17th 2012. I had seen the Disciple website a couple of days earlier and called James who invited me to Freedom Friday that coming Friday and also mentioned that Disciple was leaving that day for it's First Annual Dragon Run and I was invited to go if I wanted. So I did. We left Freedom Friday and headed to the mountain stopping at a rest stop on the way. James loves to try out other bikes so he ask another supporter (also his first day meeting James I think) if he wouldn't mind if they switched bikes. Anyway, here we are booking up the interstate at 95 (allegedly of course) for miles and miles passing everything in sight. I'm thinking to my self this is definitely the last ride I take with this crazy person. Disciple is not for me if we have to go this fast all the time. Blue smoke started coming from this bike that James is riding so I see this supporter ride up beside him to tell James. We pull over and someone happens to mention that we are booking at 95 mph. The look on James face was memorable, "What do you mean says James, the speedometer says 80" and that's when the supporter spoke up and said, "oh I forgot to tell you, the speedometer is way off on the bike." Long story short, I joined Disciple that weekend and never have gone fast with Disciple again,hehe. - Disciple Wyatt

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