Friday, February 27, 2015

Chris Cooper: Disciple Testimony

The first time I met James Disciple Johnson, was last August at the Knuckle Run. After reading his blogs and watching his Youtube videos, I was very excited to meet the man himself that started an organization that, I felt, was an answer to prayer. An organization that God could use to change a Nation. An organization that brings men together to bond, hold each other accountable, challenge one another, and fosters an environment of "brotherly love" the way God intended for it to be!

I arrived early, to the church where it was being staged. After about an hour, he rolled in with his two-wheeled entourage. Needless to say, I was a little nervous to meet the man that had inspired me, hoping to get another one of those great nuggets of wisdom....or perhaps even a God-led word over my life. A keen eye from a full patch member saw that I was laying back, not knowing what to do. After James greeted all the members, in ranking order, he brought me up and had me introduce myself. I thought...."Here we go." As he looked me up, he threw back his shoulders and said, "So, you're from Tennessee? We use to have some guys in Tennessee a while back. They flaked out. You gonna' flake out too?" (brief pause)
The only reply my mind could fumble to grasp for, in that moment was....."Well, with God's grace and mercy, I hope not."
End of meeting. Gut check. Challenge laid.

My next warm fuzzy was shortly thereafter when I first met my MA, Disciple Peacemaker (D.j. Jones). That meeting went A WHOLE LOT better.......

Imagine me, on my knees, with a gun stuck in my ear, in the dark, outside a local Clubhouse, at 1:30am, with no idea where I was at or how I got there...........yea. God's grace and mercy...I'm still here and I am certain, now more than ever, that this is where I am supposed to be!
The Lord knows what you need....and sometimes, what you need to hear.

He did, in me. DCMC has changed my life because, even though I have been saved for many years....... for the first time, I have direction and accountability. I have a marriage that is better than it ever has been in 27 years......and as I sit here with tears in my eyes, I can say that I know what TRUE brotherhood is.

I love these men, and will fight the devil to protect them, and the Club.

Chris Cooper
43TN Rocky Top Crew

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